Cast of Characters

To give you all a better idea of what’s going on in this blog, I decided to gift you children with a cast list. It will hopefully be updated periodically, and will probably make little sense seeing as the people in my life are all slightly kooky.

That’d be me.

My 44-year-old mother. She’s absolutely gorgeous inside and out and is one of my greatest role models. I love my mum with all of my heart and we have a great time together… she’s a little bit insane, but then again, so am I. We enjoy harmonizing to Paul Simon.

My 44-year-old father. Daddy is basically who I inherited my geekdom from… he was in university for thirteen years and has a passion for Rubik’s Cube and Sudoku. He’s a really neat guy who’s super into living an active life, and we get along great when we’re not butting heads.

europe 2009, at the jardin du luxembourg

Thing 1
My 12-year-old brother, also known as Mark. Thing 1 is a gangly preteen who is incredibly annoying 99% of the time, but the one other percent, he’s actually decent. We enjoy RockBand… if he’s not being a boy.

Thing 2
My 9-year-old sister, also known as Claire. She’s mildly obsessed with High School Musical and basically every single piece of crap the Disney Family Channel generates. When she’s not squealing my ears off, she can be kind of cute.

Mark and Claire are also sometimes referred to collectively as the monsters.

taken in 2000, maybe, on the east coast

My 11-year-old cousin; Mark’s counterpart. She’s obsessed with turtles and recently got bangs… I don’t know. She’s pretty funny.

My 9-year-old cousin; Claire’s counterpart. Em’s a little psycho at times, which makes her a good fit for Thing 2. She’s adorable… she was in love with Monsters, Inc. for a while, but that turned into an immense fear of Mikey. I think she’s over that now.

Auntie Lori
Mum’s younger sister; Allie and Emma’s mother. Mum chats with her on the phone for what seems like a minimum of like, four hours every single day. Needless to say, they’re close.

Even though the counterparts live all the way across the country, they’ve bonded crazy well with the monsters and when we see them all of twice a year, the four of them are absolutely inseparable.