99 Things

This is my baby, if you will… loosely based on the 101 Things in 1001 Days project, I’ve written down 99 things that I would like to accomplish. Unlike the 101 Things project, though, I don’t have a deadline – the goals are for the summer of 2009, I suppose, if you look at them abstractly enough – I won’t beat myself up if I don’t get around to some of these things for another year or two. My reasoning for not participating in the official project is that by the end of 1001 days, I’ll be in university and probably won’t give a shit about a lot of the goals that I’ve made now… which brings me to the next part in my project: if, at any point, one of these goals seems meaningless, I’m totally allowed to change it to something better.

And, why change the number of goals? Why, because the number 99 is bodalicious, or course!

  1. Identify 99 things that make me truly happy.
  2. Eliminate Safeway-bought baked goods from my diet.
  3. Completely declutter my life.
  4. Spend a few days alone – without family – in the house.
  5. Find new art for my room.
  6. Lose 13 pounds, but love myself throughout the process. ♥
  7. See a movie in theatres by myself.
  8. Cook a full-blown awesome meal for everyone.
  9. Buy a record player and dance to some old tracks.
  10. This one’s a secret; I’ll never tell.
  11. Try vegetarianism for a week or so.
  12. Get my learner’s licence & take driver’s ed.
  13. Buy some rainbow shoelaces.
  14. Go to a comic book convention.
  15. Don’t use the computer for an entire week.
  16. Bake cookies for my neighbours.
  17. Get some great moisturizer.
  18. Treat the girls to a spa outing.
  19. Forego curse words & negativity for a day.
  20. Look through my wardrobe & put aside anything that doesn’t get used.
  21. Have a Star Wars marathon.
  22. Pass Physics 20 online… with an 84.3%.
  23. Choose 10 stuffed animals to keep & give the rest away.
  24. Go camping.
  25. Read at least 15 new novels; try to record the titles.
  26. Do the 29 days giving challenge.
  27. Participate in a charity run/walk.
  28. Bike instead of driving.
  29. Have a movie night.
  30. Try another Smitten Kitchen recipe.
  31. Go to a festival of some sort.
  32. Find some more kooky French tunes from the ’50s.
  33. Sell the books & CDs that I don’t want anymore.
  34. Go on a picnic.
  35. Write a long snail-mail letter to someone.
  36. Give a busker $10.
  37. Tell someone exactly how much they mean to me.
  38. See Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in another country.
  39. Spend a day without speaking in English.
  40. Paint Claire’s toenails.
  41. Pay for something only using quarters.
  42. Get a nice gift for someone on a whim.
  43. Buy something awesome off the web.
  44. Take up jewellery making as a hobby again.
  45. Take a dance class with Mum.
  46. Learn how to play guitar & ukulele.
  47. Memorize “The First Cut is the Deepest”.
  48. Master a recipe of worth.
  49. Skip school.
  50. Try three foods I’ve never had before… and learn to love mushrooms.
  51. “Aspire not to have more, but to be more.” -Oscar Romero
  52. Feng shui my room out of boredom.
  53. Shovel the neighbours’ sidewalk.
  54. Wave to a complete stranger.
  55. Do something drastic with my hair.
  56. Get the piercings I’ve been lusting after.
  57. Have an early night & go to bed around 7:30.
  58. Read Angels & Demons.
  59. Go to a restaurant by myself.
  60. Bake cookies & sing loudly with the kids one afternoon.
  61. Learn a Joplin rag.
  62. Go to the Pride parade in September.
  63. Buy an epic clock.
  64. Pull an all-nighter.
  65. Make a mixed tape for someone.
  66. Find French horn pendants for the posse.
  67. Send a care package to my relatives on the coast.
  68. Have Nicole over for crêpes. ♥
  69. Go barefoot.
  70. Teach Mum how the iPod works.
  71. Buy some nail polish pens.
  72. Go to the theatre.
  73. Host a FHP party!
  74. Compose a full song, lyrics and all.
  75. Try crême brulée.
  76. Attempt any cooking challenge that strikes my fancy.
  77. Leave an inspirational message on public property.
  78. Skip a stone 10 times.
  79. Lie in the grass.
  80. See a fireworks show.
  81. Start some sort of vintage collection.
  82. Buy a pair of RayBan Wayfarers – knockoffs, of course.
  83. Company first, food second.
  84. Follow the ProActiv routine religiously.
  85. Write someone fanmail & actually send it.
  86. Care less. Care more.
  87. Send someone a bouquet of yellow roses.
  88. Dance down the street.
  89. Treat myself to a facial.
  90. Watch the sun rise & set.
  91. Sit in the middle of the road.
  92. Photolog everything I eat for a month.
  93. Try tofu & soy milk.
  94. Do another bootcamp.
  95. Cut out the curse words in Mum’s company!
  96. Run through someone else’s sprinkler.
  97. Be pale & be proud.
  98. Change all of the genres on my iPod to colour names.
  99. Complete three wearable DIY projects.

Those that have been finished have been slashed. (46/99)