In Which She Gets A Hole Put Into Her Head

So, big news… I finally got my piercing done!


Mum had told me way back in May that for my sixteenth birthday, I could get another piercing. I had a bit of trouble deciding which one would be her gift to me… I’d also like one in the helix (the upper cartilage) of my left ear, but I figured Mum would have an easier time if I got my lobe done first. So, the right lobe it was!

There’s a bit of a story behind this piercing, as well. We had tried to get it done at Merle Norman, but after going into their store, the piercer told me that I actually have cartilage in my lobe and that they couldn’t pierce that because they use a gun. After Merle Norman, we weren’t really sure where to go… I have absolutely no knowledge of local body piercing stores, so I didn’t even know where to start! I looked around for a bit and found one shop that seemed decent, with good reviews, and one of my mum’s friends had gotten her belly button pierced there, as well. Her recommendation helped with Mum’s nerves quite a bit, especially because the shop also does tattoos!

So, after a bit of hassle, Mum and I went down to the shop this afternoon to get my piercing done. On the outside, it looked a little sketchy, but once inside it was really clean and well-kept. My piercer was really soft spoken, but he totally knew his stuff and was really professional about it all. He was really cool… but Mum was a little put off by all of his massive gauge plugs and tattoos! All of the equipment was new and he sterilized it all in front of us, and the best bit of all? It didn’t hurt!


I’m really, really pleased with how this worked out, and I’ll definitely return to the same shop when I get my helix done. All that’s left to do now is wait for it to heal!

Peace, kids! I hope your day was as fantabulous as mine was!


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