I Gots My Hair Did!

Just in time for Europe, too! Anyway, I suppose I should post the obligatory pictures before you all jump down my throat…


The long, busy curls have been my signature look for the past, oh, two years or so? I decided I needed some change, and given the fact that I might not have too much access to shower facilities on our trip, I went kind of drastic.


…yeah, I decided to have some fun with Paint Shop Pro and Bowling For Soup lyrics. What?! I need the reminder today, alright?

So I’m really happy with the cut, I think it looks cute! What I’m not so happy about, however, is the mark that I got on my last Physics exam… it was barely a pass RedFace My final unit test is tomorrow morning at 8:30 – right before our flight. I’m thinking I should get my arse in gear and do some last-minute cramming so that my mark for this one isn’t as completely deplorable!

Peace, kids! Wish me luck!


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