Not Much Else, Except Food

It was nice out today! Finally! I took the opportunity to wear shorts… it’s been too cold to wear them lately, so it was a nice change.

ac/dc tee: walmart, beige shorts: joe fresh, scarf: unknown

I noticed a few minutes ago that it’s been absolutely ages since I’ve done a full photolog post, so I’ve decided to post today’s food to make up for it! I started with breakfast: bran flakes, corn flakes, banana, strawberries & craisins, topped with skim milk.


For lunch, I reheated some sweet and sour pork from last night and had it with some rice. It was pretty nice, and was a good end to a slow morning… it seems like I’ve been spending this summer alone at home, though, because I’ve been trying to finish off my Physics course early, so I haven’t hung out with many of my friends. Sad Oh well, I’m getting together with my French horn posse for a party on Tuesday – all is not lost!


To finish off my lunch, I grabbed some leftover salad… tasty, although it doesn’t look it!


This afternoon, I did more Physics work, and I also baked cupcakes for Emma’s birthday celebration tomorrow… we’re going out for a picnic, so I’ll post more about them when we get back tomorrow. Then, at around 4:00, I started getting hungry again, so I grabbed an apple…


and slathered it with PB! I’ve got to say, it’s one of my favourite snacks. And now, on to dinner… we had pulled pork on whole wheat buns, with mozzarella and cucumber! So good, although I have to say, I’m a little pork-ed out today. I had some potato salad and some carrot sticks as well.


Finally, dessert! I grabbed one of my toasted coconut shortbread cookies and covered it with chocolate and strawberry jam. Sure, a little bit indulgent, but hey, a girl’s got to have her sweets, right? Razz


And that’s it for today! Daddy’s leaving for the UK on Sunday night, so I need to get my Physics finished by then too… which means I probably won’t be posting overly excessively. I guess I’ll see when I can get around to writing up a story about them cupcakes!

Peace, kiddos!


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