Mayhem and madness… places to be, things to do, people to meet and songs to sing! Forgive me for the hurried nature of this post, but I just wanted to jot down some food for thought before I have to dash off and actually cross off some stuff on that to-do list of mine.


Daddy, Mum, Auntie Lori and I all went out for dinner at Milestone’s last night. It was really fun! We started with this awesome share plate for the four of us… it came with red pepper hummus, bruschetta, and olive tapenade, with some chips, ciabatta, and naan bread for dipping. Delicious… although I can’t say that I tried the tapenade!


My entrée was tasty as well. I ordered the grilled chicken penne asiago – penne pasta cooked to perfection, covered with roasted Italian tomatoes, pulled chicken, fresh basil, spinach and asiago cream. I probably had about half of the plate above and was stuffed to the gills afterward! All in all, the night was a success… we’ll definitely be coming back.

Other notables:

  • We perform our musical tomorrow night! Agh!
  • My Physics unit final is on Friday, and I’m not sure I’m really prepared.
  • The two younger ones get back from camp on Friday as well, which means my only child status is revoked yet again… Sad
  • I might finally be getting my hair cut and ear pierced next week!
  • This awesome project that I discovered might be a nice way to occupy myself this summer…
  • Bloodhound, the novel that I’m reading, is really awesome thus far.

Ciao, kids! Off to do some Physics homework… and to get a nice bath!


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