Kept Promises and Cupcakes

And now, for the long awaited appearance of a decent blog post!


My daddy turned 44 on Canada Day, so I made him these awesome dark side cupcakes to go along with the entire boxed set of Star Wars movies. They were actually just cupcakes from the box (cue gasps)… but I added my aunt’s secret ingredient: mascarpone cheese. It makes the generally bland mix a lot richer. Then, for the toppers, I whipped up some chocolate buttercream frosting, going by taste more than anything else, and covered the cuties in red sparkles! They were pretty tasty, if I do say so myself…

tee: american apparel & DIY

As I had previously posted, I was pretty shaken up by the King of Pop’s death, so as a tribute I decided to write all over a plain tee shirt. I think it turned out pretty well! The entire front is covered with Thriller lyrics and the back simply states Michael Jackson’s name and lifetime. I’ve gotten a few compliments from my buddies and even a request for another one… I didn’t realise that it would look as good as it did!

Thriller is definitely my favourite Michael Jackson tune, but I love most of his work. Here’s a quick list of tops!

  1. Thriller
  2. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
  3. Billie Jean
  4. Man in the Mirror
  5. Smooth Criminal

Close runners-up: Dirty Diana, Black or White & Ben.

And that’s about it! I will see you children sometime this week… I’m going to be pretty busy, what with my musical theatre camp and everything, but I’ll try to get some decent posts out. Hope Independence Day was great for all of you American folks out there; everyone else, I hope your Saturday was as lazy as mine was! Razz

Peace, kids!


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