Seeing Backwards

Gah, I’m so glad it’s finally Friday!

This post will be pretty short, unfortunately, but that’s all you can do. I did finish the tribute tee that I was telling you children about a few posts back… however, my camera decided to die on me and I haven’t been able to photograph it for your enjoyment quite yet. I also made delectable chocolate cupcakes for my daddy’s birthday, which happened to be on Canada Day, and I did get some pictures of those, so hopefully I’ll get both sets of pictures up tomorrow. Actually, scratch that. I will get them up tomorrow… I’ve been such a bad blogger lately, it’ll do me some good to have a deadline! Other than that, I’ve been at a musical theatre camp for the past two days from 9:30 to 3:00; it’s pretty intense because we’re putting on a full-fledged musical when camp ends next Thursday. I’m really stoked!

Alrighty then, I’m off. See you tomorrow… promise!


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