The First Days of the Challenge

Alright, so what is this elusive “personal thirty-day photologging challenge”, you ask?

I really need to think up a catchier name. That really is way too cumbersome.

Anyway, the idea for this challenge goes a while back; back to when I was first starting to rethink my outlook on nutrition. My plan was that I would cut back on the unhealthy snacks (read: multiple bowls of Mini Wheats in the afternoon hours), watch portion sizes, up the exercise and stop eating after eight o’clock at night. This plan has worked wonders for me over the past month, but as summer starts creeping up on us again, so do the opportunities to indulge in crappy eats. So, I’ve decided that for the next thirty days, I’m going to keep a photo log of everything that I eat, just so that I stay conscious of the fact that I’m actually eating, you know?

Today was my first day to try out this new project… let’s see how it went.


I started my day with a big bowl of Golden Delicious, topped with Activia yogurt, craisins, and cinnamon. You kids will probably see a lot of this kind of breakfast around here… it’s light and tasty and keeps me full for quite a while. I also had a glass of orange juice and an Omega-3 vitamin.


Mid-morning snack was a handful of almonds and sunflower seeds… yum!


For lunch, I made myself an awesome sandwich on a toasted flat bun. The sandwich had egg white, ham, cheddar, tomato and hummus on it, and I ate some sliced cucumber on the side. This lunch is one of my favourites!

This afternoon, a cute little girl from down the street brought up some banana-oatmeal muffins for me to snack on, but I didn’t manage to get a picture before they were all gone… oops! They were really adorable, too, because they were only about the size of my thumb. I had two. Razz


Dinner was some leftover spaghetti, served with some picante vegetarian sauce and parmesan cheese. I also had a slice or two of whole wheat baguette, and there were some red pepper and carrot slices that we dipped into hummus as well.


Oh, and I couldn’t resist this awesome Häagen-Dazs ice cream for dessert tonight… it was delectable!

So, I probably indulged a little today with regards to the muffins and the ice cream, but I don’t think I did too badly. And now, I’m off to kick a ball around at Mark’s soccer game – it’s a “team versus everyone else” type deal, so it should be fun. Ciao!


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